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  • Bio-inert Stainless Steel, 25,000 PSI (1,700bar) pressure rating.
  • UHPLC Modular Chromatography System.
  • Any Stainless Steel Product we produce can be converted to Bio- compatible!
  • Guard Hardware & Accessories available.
  •  Bio-inert, NSF Certified, FDA compliant.
  • Reduce non-specific protein binding and carryover while improving corrosion resistance in clinical diagnostic, biotechnology, and pharma applications.
  • Get fast, trusted results, even in extreme pH environments.
  • Inert to nearly all buffers and additives used in HPLC
  • Enhances Chemical Compatibility even with solvents like tetrahydrofuran (THF)
  • Shepard Industries HERO columns have shown improved results compared to PEEK & Titanium systems.