Our range of un-packed HPLC and UHPLC systems are made out of the highest UHPLC grade Stainless Steel with amazingly smooth internal finishes in the 2-5µin range. This has proven to give better peak results, maximize your investment and be highly efficient.

    To order Modular hardware see our hardware list on the right and get in contact via the contact us page. 

Modular HPLC & UHPLC Hardware


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Shepard's Modular Hardware List

    With our UHPLC hardware, you can achieve high pressures(1500+ bar) and quality.  Every modular style column we sell has the ID size laser etched for easy identification.


   We also offer a variety of customization, ranging from end fittings for your own special look, chemically resistant hard anodized  colors for part identification or both.

 With our unique modular style HPLC & UHPLC hardware, we offer improved efficiency and performance over other modular systems.