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     To decrease leakage we have designed the frit cap out of Stainless Steel. This eliminates points of bending or bowing, allowing for much higher pressures (15,000+ psi). The cap also has a engineered flow path incorporated to increase dispersion and encourage even loading.We also offer adapting and packing harware for all Prep columns.

   With superior machining and excellent finishes SMS inc's Prep Hardware is the best approach.

​​​ Prep HPLC & UHPLC

Shepard's offers a variety of advanced prep hardware.

 Column sizes

Lengths 50mm-300mm

 Semi Prep Columns

Analytical Prep Hardware

 50mm ID Prep Columns

  • Flange Style
  • Slim Line (modular style, lighter, cheaper and better)

Shepard Industries PREP Hardware Product List 


Column Sizes

  • 21.2mm ID-Lengths 50mm-300mm
  • 30mm ID- Lengths 50mm-300mm

 Column sizes

  • 7.8mmID
  • 10mmID

Lengths 30mm-300mm