We manufacturer the products of legacy chromatography specialists such as Alltech/Grace hardware.

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  • UHPLC, HPLC, GPC, SFC and other Chromatography accessory lines are manufactured using the highest quality 316 Stainless steel

  • All tubing is polished with RMA values between 2.5um and 10um.

  • All our parts are meticulously inspected for imperfections and quality.

  • We provide a variety of column accessories both in PEEK and Stainless for your column packing and plumbing needs.

For questions or to order, use the form below or Email:SMS@shepards-inc.com

Shepard's OEM Chromatography Hardware

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Shepard's 2018 Compression Product List >

  • New PEEK column hardware for BIO applications
  • New End fitting designs and coatings
  • Light weight, low cost series of columns in R&D
  • Muli-column packing stations
  • 1MM Column Hardware R&D
  • We now offer 3D printing 
  • R&D for new higher pressure exotic materials


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