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We manufacturer the products of legacy Chromatography specialists such as Alltech/Grace.

  • New PEEK column hardware for BIO applications
  • New End fitting designs and coatings
  • Light weight, low cost series of columns in R&D
  • Muli-column packing stations
  • 1MM Column Hardware R&D
  • We now offer 3D printing 
  • R&D for new higher pressure exotic materials

Please refer to the Sub Menus under the "Products" tab for  SMS Inc's chromatography hardware photos and descriptions

Shepard's OEM Chromatography Hardware

Shepard's Machine Shop Inc.

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  • UHPLC, HPLC, GPC, SFC and other Chromatography accessory lines are manufactured using the highest quality 316 Stainless steel

  • All tubing is polished with RMA values between 2.5um and 10um.

  • All our parts are meticulously inspected for imperfections and quality.

  • We provide a variety of column accessories both in PEEK and Stainless for your column packing and plumbing needs.

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