4.6mm  and 2.1mm Hardware IDs

​PEEK Guard Hardware

   SMS's Bio line is great for high-resolution separation of proteins, ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction, affinity supports and others that benefit from no metal interactions.

  • Many different lengths 20mm-300mm.
  • Excellent and improved flow rates
  • Medium pressure 10,000psi rated
  • 5µm frit size for 7.5mm ID
  • .5µm, 2µm and 5µm frits for 2.1mm and 4.6mm IDs
  • Color and Laser Etched options for identification

7.5mm ID PEEK Hardware



     Shepard Industries PEEK hardware line has no metal contact points whatsoever. The minimalist design and 1-3Ra near perfect internal finish, makes these columns perfect for Bio-inert Chromatography

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